What is Speed Dating?

Speed dating is an organised and efficient way for singles to meet many potential partners. Unlike a typical bar environment, the requirement to awkwardly ask someone out is removed. Additionally, all matches remain anonymous until the next day. For these reasons, the atmosphere at a speed dating night feels more like a social gathering than a dating event.
Speed Dating SelfieAt the start of each event everyone receives a name badge, a number, matching card, and a pen. Each participants badge number corresponds to a starting table number. For example, Male and Female number 4 begin their first 6 Minute Speed Date with each other at table number #4. On their matching cards, Female number 4 will write the name of Male number 4, and vice versa.

Amourlife Dating Card

After 6 minutes, the host will ring a bell and each attendee anonymously ticks “yes” or “no” depending on whether they would like to have their contact information exchanged with the potential partner they just speed dated.

If both Male and Female tick yes to each other, it’s a match. Males, will then rotate to the next table, while Females remain at their current table. The night continues until everyone has had a speed date with each member of the opposite sex.

At the end of the event all matching cards are returned to the host, and the following day everyone receives an email with the contact information of their matches. The night is fun, structured, and a great low pressure way to find that special someone.


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