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Just like everything in life, each method available for finding a partner has both positive and negative elements. We believe the best option is to try multiple dating methods. Finding true love is an important part of most people’s lives, and yes it may be easy to believe that fate will result in bumping to the love of your life with little to no effort, however everything in life requires effort, and finding true love is no exception.

Online Dating sites, enable you to search through thousands of profiles without leaving the comfort of home, which is convenient particularly in Winter. The downside however is that a photo doesn’t really tell much about a person, back and forth messaging requires a large time commitment, and Because neither you or your potential partner has met in person, the first date is generally extremely awkward, and there is a high likelihood of a lack of compatibility or connection.

Therefore successfully finding a partner through online dating sites requires a commitment to go on a large number of first dates, most of which will be fizzers, however probability dictates that if you go on enough first dates a number will be a good fit. It’s hardly a romantic approach to finding love, however it’s the reality of using online dating sites to find love.

On the other hand, speed dating contrary to it’s name is a much slower, structured, and refined method for finding a partner, compared to online dating sites. However, the advantage of speed dating is that because you have met in real life prior to the first date, and ticked yes to each other based on a face to face conversion, rather through exchanging typed messages. The chances of going on a first date that leads to a further relationship are significantly higher than through an online dating site.

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