Speed Dating Tips

Speed dating is a great way to meet many other singles in a short space of time. Below we share some of our tips to help you get the most out of your night.

Arrive early to ‘Warm Up’

Aim to arrive 30 minutes before the event

Avoid talking about work

Avoid spending too much time talking about work during each date. Spending the entirety of your date talking about work doesn’t show a picture of who you really are. It’s far more interesting to find out what people do when they’re not at work. Are you keen to travel to the Caribbean? Are you a keen musician?

Dating Tips

Show your unique and interesting Personality

Write a personal list of your hobbies, life experiences, travels and interests prior to the event. Sometimes we are so busy in our work life, that we forget how interesting and unique we really are.

Enjoy Yourself

Remember that speed dating is intended to be a fun way to meet new people in a short period of time. Enter the room prepared to have a good time while enjoying an evening of good conversation.

Suggested Conversation Topics

Travel, hobbies, movies, television shows, current events, books, pets, fitness, social venues, food and wine, future ambitions, sports, funny life experiences, popular culture, music.


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