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Whether you like it or not selfies are an essential part of modern dating. In the past singles would attend bars and nightclubs with the hope of obtaining a phone number through charm, good looks, humour, and an engaging personality. However, those days are long gone. Think about it, when was the last time you asked someone out, or were asked out? With online dating sites now firmly entrenched as the most common way for Australian singles to arrange a first date, it could be argued that learning to take great selfies is an essential life skill.

If you happen to have and extremely active social life and friends who are obsessed with posting photos of every social outing on Facebook you may be lucky enough to have enough photos to fill your entire online dating profile, but for most people this isn’t the case.

Below we share tips to help you take better selfies:

Camera Quality

Camera quality is vital when taking selfies for your online dating site profile. You can get away with uploading low resolution photos on mobile dating apps. However, images on online dating websites are generally viewed on a PC or laptop in a much larger size than on a mobile device. Images taken on a low-quality camera will become blurry with low resolution.

Unless you happen to be a professional photographer you probably can’t justify spending $1000 plus on a DSLR camera. Luckily, mobile phone camera technology has come a long way to the point where the camera on most modern mobile phones surpasses the picture quality of any point and shoot camera under $1000.


Be aware of your selfie background. This is of less concern if taking a selfie outdoors, however if you’re taking selfies indoors at home make sure to tidy up the area in the background of the shot. A background full of dirty dishes, is unlikely to create a good first impression.


Although mobile phone manufacturers love to boast about how great their latest model of phone performs at low light levels the reality is that picture quality on all cameras, and camera phones suffers.

Use a Mirror

No-one, looks good in a photo taken only a meter or two from their face. Rather than taking a selfie with the camera at arms-length or slightly further using a selfie stick, a better option is having the camera pointed towards a mirror, or a full-length mirror if taking a photo of your whole body.

When taking a selfie using a mirror the camera’s flash should be turned off to avoid it reflecting into the image. In addition, the camera or mobile phone should be at the side of your head at an angle rather than directly in front of your face.

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