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Ask most Australian singles whether they believe the increased use of online dating sites is a positive step for Australia’s dating scene, and the consistent answer you will receive is how sites and apps have destroyed the romance and spontaneity of finding “the one”.

However, ask these same people whether they have an online profile, and how they met their current or previous partner and the answer will almost always be “yes, I have an online profile, and yes I met my current or previous partner though a dating site or app”.

Just a few years ago this wouldn’t have been the case, and it would have been highly likely that you met your last partner at work, though friends, or at a bar or nightclub.

Fast forward to today and asking someone out at work is likely to result in a sexual harassment claim, you’re probably too busy with work to even spend time with friends, and the only people you’ll find out at most bars and nightclubs are 18 years old and looking for a one night stand.

Ask your parents where they first laid eyes on each other, and it was probably at work. However as previously mentioned meeting someone at work is now out of the question within most workplace environments. Therefore, the reality is we were heading for a generation of single Australian’s.

This scenario created the perfect platform for online dating sites and apps to come along and provide a way for hundreds of thousands of single Australians to find a partner in a time effective way without even having to leave home.

While there is no denying that online sites and apps don’t have the spontaneity, excitement and romance of catching someone’s eye in in the real world, and asking them out on a first date. The reality is people just don’t have enough free time anymore to go out on a consistent basis. Simply walk down Chapel Street in Melbourne, and Darling Harbour in Sydney at night and you will venues which were jam packed just a few years ago are now deserted.

So, while many will point to dating sites as destroying the dating scene in Australia. The reality is they are a necessary evil in the work focused and time poor society we now live in.

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