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Brighton Beach

Whether you’ve recently met your new boyfriend or girlfriend through an online dating site, at a speed dating event, or are happily married, Melbourne offers so many options for getting outdoors and enjoying the sunshine, while creating new memories with your partner. Amourlife Speed Dating counts down Melbourne’s best outdoor date destinations.

An Australian Open Day Pass

The window for this option is fairly short, with the Australia Open being held in Melbourne every January, and running for only 2 weeks. A day pass at the Australian is a great way to experience international culture without leaving Melbourne as supporters from countries including Sweden, Germany, the UK, and Serbia travel to Australia to support their nations tennis stars.

A Run around the Tan

For fitness fanatics, the undulating running track (affectionately known as “The Tan”) surrounding the botanical gardens is a fun option for a Sunday afternoon date. The Endorphins created after exercise can do wonders for maintaining a playful mood throughout your date.

Visit Werribee Open Range Zoo

Werribee Open Range Zoo is an African Safari experience, without leaving Melbourne.
It does lack the drama of a real African Safari, as animals are segregated to protect themselves from each other.  However, the alternative of letting a pack of lions run rampant just isn’t practical.

A walk along Wyndham Harbour

A long romantic walk on the beach is the oldest of dating clichés and hardly an original date idea. However, most people choose popular beaches St Kilda, Brighton, and Elwood for a romantic stole. While all three beaches have a buzz particularly in summer, Wyndham Harbour is a hidden isolated gem away from the crowds. Clifftops overlook vast ocean, and at night the bright lights of both the Melbourne CBD, and Geelong can be seen at the same time.

Wine Tasting at the Yarra Valley

It’s no secret that there’s nothing more attractive to a woman, than a man who knows his Sauvignon Blanc his Riesling, well there probably is but you get the point. The Yarra Valley is located 90km outside of the Melbourne CBD, and is one of the world’s premier grape growing regions for Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Shiraz.

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