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Flinders Street Station Melbourne

The dating landscape has changed significantly in recent years. There are now more methods available to search for love ever before. Speed dating, online dating sites including RSVP, Elite Singles, and eHarmony, mobile dating apps such as tinder, and even the old fashion bar environment all provide opportunities for finding a compatible partner.

Although Amourlife runs Speed Dating events, we still advocate using as many different dating methods as possible to maximise your chances of finding “the one”. Most first dates occur at one of the many small bars around Melbourne. However, because Melbourne is the small bar capital of Australia, there are an almost endless amount of options to choose from. Amourlife Speed Dating has put together our list of the Top 5 bar’s in Melbourne for a memorable first date.

Niew Amsterdam

Tucked away inside Melbourne CBD’s hidden bar hotspot, Hardware Lane. The downstairs basement bar inside Niew Amsterdam is a moody, dark, yet classy, and charming location for a first date. Although, moody lighting, and rustic wooden décor create a perfect ambiance for a first date, large tables throughout the basement bar create too much space between you and your partner. This can lead to a first date which feels more like an interview than a date. Therefore, it’s best to choose one of the smaller more intimate seating areas, on the right hand side of the venue.

Imbibe Wine Bar

Imbibe is a quiet and peaceful Wine Bar on Bay Street in Port Melbourne. Serving some of Victoria’s best Wines and Beers, it is best suited to food and wine buffs.  As an added bonus, a memorable dinner date at Imbibe can be combined with a romantic stroll along the Port Melbourne waterfront.


Cookie is a Thai restaurant and bar right in the heart of the Melbourne CBD, on Swanston Street. While the front bar area is often crowded and noisy, the back-bar area is peaceful with intimate private alcoves and candle lit lighting throughout a narrow passageway.


Wonderland on Chapel Street a great choice for a first date in Summer. Although the interior of Wonderland can politely be described as tacky, with worn and distressed couches that look like they were picked up from the street curb. The wooden outdoor tables and chairs create a unique vibrant, and homely atmosphere under the stars.

La La Land

La La Land, widely acknowledged as both a Chapel Street and first date institution, features a fireplace, dim moody lighting, and extremely comfortable privately sectioned soft couches. (The couches are potentially too comfortable so go easy on the wine)

The eclectic mix of music played at La La Land often becomes progressively louder as the night goes on, making it continuously more difficult to hear your partner. This can however provide a perfect opportunity to sit closer if the date is going well. La La Land is our pick for the best first date bar in Melbourne.


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