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The growing popularity of online dating sites and apps in Australia has seen Australian singles go on more first dates than ever before. Speak to any bar owner, and they will confirm that the number of patrons attending their venues on a first date has increased significantly over the past few years.

Numerous thoughts will run through your head in anticipation of your date including:

What should I wear?
How should I greet my date?
Should I go in for a kiss?
What should I talk about?

We share some tips for help you get the most out of your first date.

Don’t Underdress

Never wear sneakers, or a t-shirt. The safest attire for men is a business shirt, black leather shoes, and trousers.

Initial Greeting

The best initial greeting is a brief and gentle hug and a kiss on the cheek. A hand shake is too business like, and a kiss on the lips is almost always unacceptable.

Monitor Alcohol Intake

Alcohol can be effective in calming nerves, and helping with conversational flow. However, becoming overly intoxicated will hinder cognitive thought, and slur speech.

Avoid Talking about Work

It can be tempting to talking about work excessively, and avoid more interesting conversation. No matter how interesting your job is, you risk boring your potential partner.

Don’t Force Physical Contact

Particularly, if you’ve met through an online dating site don’t force physical contact until you know that interest is mutual. In addition, many people are uncomfortable with physical contact early in the relationship. Don’t force anything, and let the first kiss come naturally when the time is right.

Send a Courtesy SMS

If you had a great time, and felt there was a connection. Send a courtesy SMS within a few hours mentioning how you enjoyed getting to know each other. You can then ask for a second date to confirm if interest was mutual. Don’t wait too long before the first date to arrange your second encounter, or the relationship may lose momentum.

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