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Depression is one of life’s most destructive illnesses. It can strike without warning for no apparent reason, be caused by a chemical imbalance, triggered by life experiences, or develop slowly over time. It will deplete energy resources, make life seem pointless, and in extreme cases lead to suicidal thoughts.

Many people particularly members of the media who have never suffered from depression assume that depression must be linked to professional stresses or a personal relationship breakdown. The media obsessively digs into the personal and professional life of public figures who take the brave step of seeking help. However, although relationship and professional difficulties can trigger depression, depression can affect anyone at any time even if on the outside it may seem like they have the perfect live.

If you are single and suffering from depression, dating is probably the last thing on your mind. Socialising with depression is exhausting, and asking someone out on a date is simply a bridge to far. However, online dating sites have made dating with depression possible.

Online dating sites eliminate the need to go out on a regular basis, and provide the ability to commence communication online in the comfort of home, and then arrange a first date at a time when anxiety and depressive thoughts are not at excessive levels.

One of the most destructive effects of depression is its negative influence on a sense of self-worth which can lead to eating fatty comfort foods, and neglect of basic hygiene and grooming. Staying in the dating game will motivate you to shave, keep going to gym, eat relatively well, and maintain pride in your appearance.

If you’re in a current relationship it is always advisable to express your current mental state with your partner. This will place your partner at ease that your all aloofness and lack of communication at particularly bad periods of emotional stress is not a result of something that they did.

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